Othon & Marc Almond – The Tango Song (Text von Aleister Crowley)

„The Tango Song“ was written by Aleister Crowley with music by Bernard Page; featured in the sketch called „The Tango“ published in Equinox Vol I, No 9 in March 1913.

„What is money to the bliss
Of the honey of a kiss?
What are rank and fame and fashion
To the ecstasy of passion?

Give me dancing!
Give me wine!
Bright eyes glancing —
Yours in mine!
Kisses sucking
Up my breath —
Give me passion!
Give me death!

Were the town of Paris mine,
Its renown should drown in wine
I would pay the land of France
For a day and night of dance.


Dreams entrancing float above
Music, dancing, wine and love.
Sober sinks the sobbing breath;
Smiles the sphinx of sleep and death.“